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Disney· Pixar Cars

Disney· Pixar Cars

From the cinema screen directly to the racetrack: Ride with Lightning McQueen and other characters from the Disney· Pixar Cars movie with the famous hand controls for victory!


The stars of "Cars 3: Evolution" on the tracks of Carrera

Carrera brings the cinema hit of the popular film series from the screen to the rails : children's eyes begin to shine as soon as they see their new favorite heroes from the Disney· Watch Pixar film on your own racetrack. And for good reason: The Cars 3 vehicles and sets convince with detailed workmanship and spectacular race tracks. Loopings, fly-overs, intersections, curves and high-speed straights make every racing driver's heart beat faster.The children slip into the role of Lightning McQueen, Hook, Cruz or Jackson Storm and are happy about the FIRST and GO!!! Racetracks to be allowed to whizz. In addition, the special decorative elements ensure a unique Disney· Pixar Car's feeling in your own nursery: This is how fans experience their own personal adventure. In addition to impressive driving performance, the detailed speedsters also impress with their sensational lighting, which makes the appearance of the film greats even more spectacular.

Disney • Pixar Cars 3 coloring pages to print

You Cars heroes to print and paint

You Cars heroes to print and paint

Slotcars in Cars fever
The little ones big: Carrera GO!!! in Cars fever

With the sets on a scale of 1:43 you can experience some highlights: From loops to curves to high-speed straights, the young drivers can race their vehicles and an opponent. The hand controller with turbo speed knob provides an extra portion of speed on the racetrack and makes it possible to completely traverse the loops and drive into the curves with maximum performance. Perfect introduction to the racing world: Thanks to the simple operation and handling of the racetracks, these Disney· Pixar Cars sets suitable for children aged 6 and over. Even the little ones from the age of 3 can start new adventures on the blue fairway with Carrera FIRST and their favorite Cars heroes.


Disney· Pixar Cars to give away

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Lightning McQueen

The absolute favorite from the movies brings a lot of experience to the racetrack. You have the choice between several scales and versions of the red hero, from lighting to carbon design, there is something for children and fans of all ages! Can you also take victory with car number 95? Due to his great passion, as well as his 7 Piston Cups, Lightning McQueen has undisputedly matured into one of the great champions in racing. Skill, dedication, sportsmanship and hard work are the four pillars of his success, which he built with his now sadly deceased mentor Doc Hudson. 


Cruz Ramirez

The car from the third part is the trainer of Lightning McQueen in the film, but can become a real opponent on the Carrera racetrack. With its striking yellow color and detailed design, the racing car guarantees daredevil races. She is young, in top shape, knows all the relevant data and measured values and is 100% success-oriented.  No wonder the 95 has chosen Cruz Ramirez as their new coach. She believes in the new racing technology and knows every simulator inside and out. It helps Lightning to systematically increase its performance. However, she still has a lot to learn about what is important out on the racetrack. By whom? From Lightning McQueen, of course!


Jackson Storm

Jackson Storm is the flagship of the next generation of racing cars. It can do everything a racing car needs to be able to do, is lowered and completely flawless, faster than all the others and so cool that it's not just him who thinks he's unbeatable. He thinks that Lightning McQueen and his colleagues should slowly make room, after all, they have had their fun long enough. That's just the way it is in the life of a racing car. Storm doesn't waste time dealing with the past, he doesn't want to make new friends or become the darling of the spectators: he's there to win, and he knows that every tenth of a second counts. Racing is changing, and Jackson Storm is its new face.


Carrera & Disney· Pixar Cars – The perfect toy for the movie!

Screen hero Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez & co. go full throttle

Thrilling races are guaranteed when Lightning, McQueen and Jackson Storm compete for victory. Just on the big screen and now on the Carrera racetrack!
The vehicles and sets impress with detailed workmanship and spectacular race tracks. Loops, fly-overs, intersections, curves and high-speed straights make every racing driver's heart beat faster.

In addition, the special decorative elements ensure a unique Disney· Pixar Car's feeling in your own children's room: This is how fans experience their own personal adventure.