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Carrera GO!!! Build ‘n Race – Play without limits!

Carrera GO!!! "Build 'n Race" catapults absolute fun without limits into the nursery! Carrera presents the innovative, new Carrera GO!!! System "Build 'n Race" and thus catapults absolute fun without limits into the children's room.

"Build 'n Race" combines the best of two game worlds, special crossbars and clips connect the road with the colorful world of the well-known building blocks that are already present in the children's rooms. Before the start of the race, vehicles can now be created as desired: There are no limits to the imagination of the pilots.

One chassis – Endless possibilities

The colourful trucks and cool speedsters as well as tunnels, bridges, crossings, and obstacles can be designed with the building blocks one has already at home. Or quickly rebuilt the track and have a different and unique experience every time! The sets are available in three different track lengths: 3.6 meters, 4.9 meters and the longest racetrack with 6.2 meters. From now on, all racing drivers from the age of 6 will be designers and create their own new racing worlds with Carrera GO!!! Build ‘n Race.

Create your own world!

Spectacular jumps over the fly-over or cool stunts through the looping are even more fun when you race through your specially created world! With the clips and crossbars you can connect bridges, crossings, obstacles and much more to your racetrack. Plus you can even use these to lift your racetrack and have a track above the ground. To do this, simply attach the clips and crossbars to the track, attach building blocks, build pillars so that even the largest car can whiz under your bridge.

Carrera GO!!! Build 'n Race Explanatory Video

It's super easy to create your own racing world!

Carrera GO!!! – The entry into the world of racing tracks

The analog tracks and cars in this series are perfectly designed for the needs of children. The younger generation will be enthusiastic about this much driving fun. Up to 2 drivers at the same time can put their driving skills to the test in every duel. The excellent quality of the products speaks for itself. A lot of emphasis has been placed on a true-to-the-original and all slot cars are designed with great attention to detail. With the selection of cars, sets and accessories, Carrera GO!!! provides varied action in the Children’s room with a scale of 1:43.

What can you expect from your fast-paced ride?

With ski jumps, steep curves and bridges, the slot car tracks can be reinvented and changed repeatedly. Other features such as a looping are ideal system extensions to experience more tension and fun during a race. A very special highlight is the “Turbo Speed” button, which can be found on the child-friendly hand controllers. With your self-designed slot car and an extra portion of speed, you can overcome every looping on the track. This is exactly how the right racing atmosphere comes about! In addition to all the extensive accessories, it is above all the various Carrera GO!!! sets that allow every driver to immerse themselves in a very own world full of fantastically safe driving experiences, cars, and racetracks. Who manages to be the first to traverse the next bottleneck or which Racing King skillfully gets over the intersection without crashing? Challenge your opponent to an action-packed slot car tournament.

Build 'n Race – Racing Set 6.2

Show what you’re capable of! 


First build, then drive! In the exciting duel of the Carrera GO!!! Build ‘n Race – Racing Set 6.2, the two self-assembled cars do not give each other an inch! The racings cars and the track surroundings can be designed by yourself using components from other building blocks manufactures. The blue speedster is already ready to race and standing at the start line with glowing tires and waiting for the red super truck. The 6.2-meter-long Carrera GO!!! racetrack with long high-speed straights, curves and a ski jump offers creative driving fun in a new dimension. The built-in turbo button on the hand controller ensures even more speed on the track.



Build 'n Race – Racing Set 4.9

Show what you’re capable of! 


No wish remains!

Build and win is the name of the new Carrera GO!!! Build ‘n Race – Racing Set 4.9. This time, whomever wins the exciting competition decides the horsepower of the cars. Up to you to design and build the racing cars as desired. All big and small racing pilots from the age of 6 can build a world surrounding the racetrack with building blocks from other manufacturer. This set comes with a looping and is a particular exiting challenge for the drivers. Can your self-built car make it through the looping without crashing?

Build 'n Race – Racing Set 3.6

The best hobbyist wins!


In the new Carrera GO!!! Build ‘n Race – Racing Set 3.6 there are no limits for the racing drivers! Before the wild ride starts, the red truck and the blue speedster can be designed according to individual imagination. Step on the gas and show who has the most power! Those whose show a lot of skill in creation and on the handheld controller can secure victory on the podium in the living room!


Build ‘n Race – Race Truck White

More cars offer even more fun on your Carrera GO!!! Build ‘n Racetrack. For this reason, there is an extra car with the Race Truck White cover that will dominate your track. A real powerhouse that is not only full of power but also really fast.


Build ‘n Race – Race Car Green

 An additional car, the Race Car Green speeds on your Build ‘n Racetrack and fits greatly to many created fantasy racing worlds. The extra-large rear spoilers are a very special eye-catcher!


Build ‘n Race – Expansion Pack

If you want to expand your track, you can with the Build ‘n Race Expansion Set. Clips and crossbars with additional 2m track rail parts ensure even more action and expansion fun. Suitable for GO!!!, GO!!! Plus, and Digital 143. Package contains: 2 x clip, 2 x crossbar, 6 x straight tracks of 342 mm.


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