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Welcome to the Turnator family – acrobatics of superlatives!

With the Turnator, we offer you an all-rounder, which is characterized by its outer completely from the rest of the Carrera RC-ranks. Due to its huge, moveable wheels on both sides, the Turnator can spin on a circle at top speed and perform spectacular stunts. The absolute highlight of the RC-flipover are the axes, which turn 360° in different directions and can turn the Turnator over on command. In order not to lose control, the Turnator has two different body designs, from which RC pilots know at a glance the side on which the flip-over is.
Up to 20 minutes driving pleasure gives you a battery charge - then you can fully dedicate yourself again to the stunts and rollovers. The entire Turnator team is subject to the "Ready to Run" concept - so you can perform spectacular stunts with your favorite tournament from the very first second!

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