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Carrera HYBRID

Unlimited Racing

Ultimate Hybrid Gaming

Realistic Driving With AI

Carrera Hybrid – the perfect combination of gaming and racing fun, as the vehicles can race across the road at full throttle completely freely. AI support allows for a realistic driving experience in different driving modes. Experience true-to-the-original vehicles with front and rear lights, controlled via a free app. With automatic track detection, individual settings and authentic engine sound, Carrera Hybrid offers a unique racing experience. Plus, discover new vehicles for even more racing action!


• Free driving for up to 30 riders at the same time on one track. Race sessions with up to 16 players.

• Online Remote Play

True-to-the-original vehicles on a scale of 1:50 and extra wide roadway.

Control via free app for smartphone or tablet

• Free driving on and off the road and overtaking at any point

• Individual settings of speed, tire grip, braking effect and much more!

A new Carrera segment

Realistic driving fun with AI support

Carrera presents the brand new innovation Carrera HYBRID: the perfect combination of gaming and racing fun, because the vehicles can move freely on and off the track and thus guarantee an unforgettable racing feeling! AI support allows for a realistic driving experience in different driving modes. The initial range of the Carrera HYBRID line comprises two sets that contain all the necessary components.


The vehicles are controlled via an app that can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Steering works intuitively by tilting the smartphone, buttons on the display represent the accelerator and brake.

The design of the app is based on the cockpit of real racing cars to offer a particularly natural driving experience. With a choice of beginner and expert modes, there is always something for riders of all experience levels. Thanks to Remote Play, up to 30 drivers from all over the world compete against each other digitally and show who can hold their own in the race.

Carrera HYBRID "Speedway To Hell" Set


Carrera HYBRID "Devil Drivers" Set


Included in the set

Different track layouts


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