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Safety & Quality

Carrera satisfies the high standards!

Safety requirements
We want to assure you, our customers, that we are taking a very proactive approach to all requirements for the laws that are being enacted around the world for toy products.

All Carrera products have always met or exceeded the current testing standards, our full range of products have passed for all of the new 2009 requirements. Specifically, we meet or exceed all requirements for phthalates, lead and other contaminates for ASTM, CE, CPSIA HR 4040 and Califonia State Assembly Bill 1005.

We produce our race sets and accessories in two different factories and in addition to the requirements from national and state laws; we also visit each of our factories regularly so that we can work together to maintain the quality and inspection of our products.

We promise to do everything we can to continue to provide you with the safest and best quality toys of their kind in the world.
Alterations to Carrera cars
Any form of changes to, or manipulation of our products whatsoever by third parties is explicitly forbidden for products intended for sale. Both alterations and after-sale equipment upgrades for sale to third parties constitute trademark right violations. Furthermore, such altered and manipulated products have not been inspected and approved according to currently valid legal toy norms. We reserve the right to use any legal means we consider necessary to combat any violation of this kind. We will, in particular enforce all claims related to trademark default, failure to inform and right to compensation.


Carrera Toys GmbH hereby declares that this model
including controller in accordance with the essential requirements
the following EC Directives: 2009/48/EC and 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic
Compatibility and the other relevant provisions of Directive 2014/53/EU (RED).
The original declarations of conformity can be downloaded here:

Carrera Racing Track - Declaration of Conformity
Carrera RC - Declaration of Conformity