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Welcome to the world of Carrera RC!

Remote-controlled cars, boats, helicopters and much more

Remote-controlled buggies, off-roaders, on-roaders, quadcopters, helicopters and boats – Carrera offers a wide range of remote-controlled models. The RC products not only impress with their long service life, but also with their individual design and high quality. In addition, the remote-controlled vehicles are "Ready To Run", which means that action and fun can begin right out of the box. Each vehicle has special features and highlights that can be easily identified by the respective icons. For a detailed overview of the highlight icons of the remote-controlled models, you can find detailed information about the corresponding model on the respective product page.

These remote-controlled vehicles and aircraft are ideal for action fans of all ages who value durability, design and quality. Discover the variety of our RC models and find the ideal RC product that suits your needs. Whether you choose a remote-controlled buggy, off-roader, on-roader, quadcopter, helicopter or boat, each model offers unique features and highlights that will keep you entertained for hours.

RC Overview

What is the difference between Expert RC and Professional RC? Can I drive straight away or do I have to charge my RC first? To help you get started, you will find a clear list of all the important points and differences between the RC lines and products in the RC overview.

The Carrera "Expert RC" line offers high-quality, 1:10 scale remote-controlled cars for off-road enthusiasts. Equipped with all-wheel drive, oil-filled shock absorbers, metal gears and optional brushless motors, these models guarantee exceptional performance and robustness. They are splash-proof and have digital proportional control. Ideal for riders aged 14 and over, they are ready to use right out of the box – controller, charging cable, battery and batteries included. These remote-controlled cars promise thrilling off-piste rides and delight both amateur drivers and professionals.

Up to 60 km/h
Ages 14 and up
Ready To Run

Carrera Profi RC

Discover the Carrera Professional RC Series – ideal for you if you are a speed fan aged 14 and up. Your remote-controlled cars can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h, equipped with oil-filled shock absorbers, four-wheel drive and metal transmissions. Each model offers splash protection and precise control through Digital Proportional technology. They are "ready to run" and perfect for fast-paced races on asphalt or gravel. Thanks to short battery charging times and long runtimes, the professional RC models are ideal for spectacular races. The powerful LiFePo4 batteries turn every road into a race track – perfect for teenagers and adults aged 14 and over.

Up to 50 km/h
Ages 14 and up
Ready To Run

Carrera Turnator

The Carrera Turnator is one of our coolest remote-controlled cars, which stands out for its acrobatic skills and impressive stunts. The large, oppositely movable wheels allow you to spin in circles at full speed on the spot and perform action-packed stunts. A special feature of this remote-controlled car is the axles, which can be turned 360° in opposite directions, allowing you to make a breathtaking flip-over maneuver with the Turnator on command. To ensure that RC pilots are always in control, each model offers two different body designs that reveal at a glance which side the turnator is standing on.

Up to 20 km/h
Ages 6 and up

Carrera Action Vehicles

Carrera Action provides the necessary excitement in your life - your ultimate goal for unbridled driving fun! From the age of 6, our coolly designed Carrera RC vehicles provide pure adrenaline, whether indoors, outdoors or even on the water. Thanks to our innovative technology, some models can glide effortlessly on water surfaces, guaranteeing you unforgettable experiences on hot summer days at the lake. With the "Ready to Run" principle, our remote-controlled cars are ready for immediate use, including all necessary accessories such as batteries, charging cables and controllers. Ideal for gifts or as a spontaneous leisure activity, Carrera Action offers you pure pleasure without a long preparation time. Make the world your playground and take action-packed races and maneuvers to the next level!

Up to 20 km/h
Ages 6 and up
Ready To Run

Carrera RC Air

With Carrera RC Air, you take to the skies and experience next-level flying fun with the remote-controlled helicopters and quadcopters. Whether you're an experienced pilot or just starting out, these sleek quadcopters are easy to control thanks to automatic altitude control and auto-take-off and landing functions, ensuring fun for everyone. The controls allow for trouble-free flying adventures, even when you're not alone in the sky. Discover stunt copters for cool 3D loops at the touch of a button, licensed models and a wide variety of helicopters. Every Carrera RC quadcopter is "Ready to Fly" and is just waiting to take to the skies with you right out of the box – everything you need is already included: controller, charging cable, battery and batteries. Unpack and take off with your quadcopter for unparalleled fun in the air!

Car Flight Altitude
Digital Proportional Control
Ages 12 and up

Carrera Offroad RC

Experience driving fun without limits with the remote-controlled Carrera RC off-road cars - whether on muddy hills, dusty paths and gravel roads. These powerful cars, equipped with pneumatic tyres, a full-suspension chassis, splash water protection and a robust body made of special plastic, are equipped for demanding drivers and any off-road challenge. The remote-controlled off-road RCs impress not only with their technical high quality and durability, but also with eye-catching designs, licensed by world-famous car manufacturers. Perfect for all off-road fans and car lovers who want to make the world their race track. Each Carrera RC remote-controlled off-road car is ready to go, waiting to conquer the terrain right out of the box.

Up to 25 km/h
Ages 8 and up

Carrera RC Sea

Get ready for ultimate adventures on the water with the remote-controlled Carrera RC boats! These watercraft are perfect for all RC fans who want to experience fast-paced action on the water. With powerful engines, safety propellers and robust designs, Carrera's remote-controlled boats guarantee a thrilling driving experience. Whether you love fast-paced racing or prefer relaxing days by the water, fun is guaranteed with these water toys. The remote-controlled boats are also perfect for beginners thanks to their simple controls, so anyone can become a captain.

Up to 25 km/h
Ages 14 and up
Ready To Run

Carrera RC Pre-School

From the age of 3, Carrera RC Pre-School begins its adventures with a remote-controlled car specially designed for our little fans. These cute speedsters are ideal for the sandbox, the park and the children's room, where they invite you to countless adventures. With exciting themes, such as fast-paced monster trucks and the popular red speedsters, these remote-controlled speedsters will make your eyes light up under the Christmas tree, in the Easter basket or as a birthday present. Thanks to the simple full-function control technology, the cars are perfect for beginners. The remote controls are specially designed for children's hands, so that the youngest riders can easily start their first RC adventures. Excavators, trucks and monster trucks make the hearts of our youngest motorsport fans beat faster and experience countless adventures.

Up to 10 km/h
Ages 3 and up
Ready To Run

Carrera RC Buggy

Experience unparalleled driving pleasure with one of our remote-controlled buggies from Carrera, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of design and performance. With cool spoilers, speeds of up to 20 km/h and an ultra-light construction made of special plastic, your remote-controlled buggy goes full throttle on any surface. The professional models even impress with speeds of up to 50 km/h. Thanks to full-suspension suspensions and differential gears, you can master any race track with flying colours. The ergonomic controller and powerful Li-Ion battery promise unmatched control and long riding times. The precise 360° control allows precise manoeuvring at any speed – whether you're going full throttle on a straight or drifting through corners. Whether you're driving through sharp curves or over bumpy terrain, the splash-proof buggy lets you set the pace and direction and is always in control.

Up to 50 km/h
Ages 14 and up


Become the boss of the construction site with the remote-controlled cars, bulldozers, excavators and dump trucks of Caterpillar. These bright yellow giants bring the fascination of large construction machines directly to your home, whether in the sandpit or in the children's room, the construction site vehicles are ready for any use. Choose from a variety of models such as backhoes, wheel loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks and articulated dump trucks, in a variety of scales, so there's a remote-controlled CAT RC for every fan. Thanks to the simple full-function control, these powerhouses can be easily steered in all directions: forwards, backwards, left and right. Discover the world of large construction machines and admire the detailed execution of Carrera RC's remote-controlled cars, which will make the hearts of both young and old construction workers beat faster. With these remote-controlled cars, every day becomes an adventure on the construction site.

Ages 8 and up
Ready To Run


Embark on exciting adventures with the Super Mario™ Carrera RC flight fleet and Mini RCs from Nintendo! Whether it's high in the air as a quadcopter or on the ground at breakneck speed with Mini RCs, Mario, Luigi and their friends bring Nintendo gaming fun right to your home. These remote-controlled RC models are "Ready to Run", so you can get started right away. Experience breathtaking flights in the children's room with Mario and Yoshi or challenge your friends to a real Mario Kart race with up to 16 remote-controlled RC vehicles. Thanks to the simple controls, these Nintendo-licensed RCs are perfect for fans of all ages. Whether it's a thrilling race or a spectacular flight, these remote-controlled RCs from Nintendo will take Mario Kart and Super Mario World™ to a whole new level. Everything you need to get started is included right out of the box. Are you ready to take off with Mario and Co. and win races?

Slotcars, RC ́s, Sets
Original Nintendo License
Mario Kart & Super Mario
Ready to Run

Ready to run is all about driving fun from the very first second. A car, controls, battery and depending on the model, a high performance power pack and a charger - all in one set. 


The unique combination of Carrera RC high performance power pack and a high-power engine facilititates top speed.

Long running time with power battery

The "heart" of our RC products is a high-performance battery that transmits all its power to the motor.

Quick recharging with turbo charger

The rapid charger is able to charge power packs very quickly. 

Full-Spring suspension

For maximum driving fun.

Differential Gears

Regardless of which gear you are in - the Carrera RC differential gear system is optimised to serve every motor.

Special plastic Bodywork

As stable as ABS with high details.


Pneumatic tyres

These features join the full suspension chassis for a realistic driving sensation.

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