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Carrera GO!!! PLUS

The extra portion of action: Carrera GO!!! receives with Carrera GO!!! Plus a forward-looking system extension for even more fun and action at the racetrack.

Up to 2 drivers simultaneously

From age 6

Track system in scale 1:43

Cars in scale 1:43


At the push of a button turbo speed

Action Accessories

Even more fun & excitement on the racetrack

Carrera GO!!! Plus, guaranteed in the usual scale 1:43 even more action on the racetrack. The innovative connection rail with integrated speaker and Bluetooth chip is a highlight of the product and creates the connection to skill games in its own Carrera GO!!! Plus App.

Carrera GO!!! PLUS – the extension of racing pleasure



Carrera GO!!! PLUS – the plus of more fun

Authentic sound effects create atmosphere, such as the engine noises coming from the loudspeaker built into the connection rail. In addition, you can choose different racing modes here, for example, if no other player is available, you can drive against a ghost car . And a Bluetooth chip provides the connection to the free Carrera GO!! PLUS app, with which you can conveniently select all options via tablet or smartphone. Or play fun additional games , such as freeing the helmet visor from insects. Or wake up the sleepy pit crew. This makes the races even more exciting! It's all in the Carrera GO!! PLUS connection rail, which you can also get separately as an accessory and thus your Carrera GO!! racetrack. The PitStop rail works without an app. With the pit lane , you have to use the hand controller to take care of refueling, changing tires or even engine damage during the race in order to complete the race.

The extensive Carrera GO!!! PLUS accessories: even more adrenaline

In addition to the variant Carrera GO!!! Extensions such as rails and Actionfeatures you will also find smart Carrera GO in the largest online shop for Carrera parts!!! PLUS accessories such as wireless hand controller and of course everything you need for the  pit features need.

  • • Carrera GO!!! PLUS app: many new game modes, convenient on a tablet or smartphone
  • • Looping: speed matters here!
  • • Engstelle and Schikane: this shows who has nerves!
  • • Wippe and Skipping hill: show your dexterity!
  • • Track change rail and Brechange curve: provide adrenaline!
  • • Spart curves and  bridges: For more speed!
  • • Compatible with Carrera GO!!!  and Carrera DIGITAL 143 – expand your track with track and action elements!
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