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Animal fun on your PAW Patrol racetrack

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of the PAW Patrol. Here, the popular four-legged helpers ensure safety and order in Adventure Bay. Just like in the series, the little dogs have their own vehicles and use their unique talents and abilities.  Each of them contributes to making the world of humans and other animals a better place.

The new PAW Patrol

movie "PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie" is out! To celebrate, we've come up with something:


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Become a member of the PAW Patrol

Imagine being part of Chase's team and experiencing action-packed adventures on your PAW Patrol racetrack! With our race tracks you bring the animal fun directly into your children's room! Dash around the curves with Chase, Marshall, Skye and the other dogs in their cool emergency vehicles and master thrilling rescue missions.

PAW Patrol fun for your own four walls

The PAW Patrol Carrera tracks are specially designed for young racing drivers. It offers safe and easy fun for the little racers. The tracks are stable and make many races and exciting missions possible. You can bring the vehicles of the PAW Patrol to life on the racetrack and immerse yourself in the world of brave dogs. It doesn't matter if you're whizzing through loops with Chase or letting Marshall go full throttle on the way to the mission. The PAW Patrol vehicles provide a lot of fun in your children's room.

PAW Patrol and Carrera GO!!!
Dash with Chase & Co. through Adventure Bay

Bring your PAW Patrol heroes to life and create your own exciting adventures on your PAW Patrol Racetrack of Carrera GO!!!. Invite your friends over for thrilling races or save Adventure Bay from dangers together. There are no limits to your imagination. Experience unforgettable moments full of fun and action!


The cute dogs make your racetrack safer and whiz through the curves and loops in their vehicles. As in the series, the dogs of PAW Patrol are also in use at Carrera with courage and joy.

PAW Patrol and Carrera – an unbeatable team for racing fun!
The Carrera FIRST Paw Patrol

The Carrera FIRST racetrack is perfect for on the go, so you can always have your PAW Patrol heroes with you. The racecourse is designed to be child-friendly and easy to use. You can send the cars on the track with just the push of a button. There they whiz through the narrow passages, curves and even through cool flip elements! This brings even more fun and action for the little racers!

Paw Patrol and Carrera FIRST
Fun with cute dogs

With the Carrera FIRST sets, you can embark on exciting adventures with your dog heroes from the PAW Patrol series from the age of 3! Together with Chase, Marshall and the other furry friends, you can easily re-enact the exciting missions on your own.

Dog action on your Carrera track

Now you too can start with the Paw Patrol on the Carrera GO!!! Racetrack. Fly with Chase in his blue police racing car to exciting missions. Whoever gets to the scene first wins! Together you will land safely on the winner's podium.

The PAW Patrol series


is set in Adventure Bay and revolves around Ryder and the dogs of the PAW Patrol. Ryder is ten years old and the leader of the PAW Patrol. He calls the dogs on exciting rescue missions where they help the residents of Adventure Bay with their problems. The PAW Patrol consists of six dogs. Ryder affectionately calls them his furry friends. Each dog has a unique skill and equipment to perform its tasks.

The PAW Patrol Characters

The PAW Patrol Police Dog is a German Shepherd. He is athletic and likes to take command. With his police car and megaphone, he is always the first on the scene.


The Dalmatian is the fire dog of the PAW Patrol. He is clumsy, but a real firefighter professional who is always ready to help with fires.


She is a brave Cockapoo and the flying fox of the PAW Patrol. Skye is a gifted pilot and supports the team with her helicopter in rescue operations.


The English Bulldog is the construction worker dog of the PAW Patrol. He loves to destroy and rebuild things. He likes to use his construction vehicle to clear obstacles out of the way.


He is an environmentally conscious mixed breed dog and the recycling dog of the PAW Patrol. He collects garbage and turns waste into useful items. His dedication keeps Adventure Bay's environment clean.

The PAW Patrol - an unbeatable team

Together, Ryder and his furry friends form an inseparable team. With their individual skills and special vehicles, they help the people of Adventure Bay with their problems and emergencies. Whether it's firefighting operations, rescues from the air or pollution removal. The PAW Patrol is always on hand to save the day!

Drive exciting missions on the track with the emergency vehicles

With the PAW Patrol figures you can re-enact the missions of your heroes in Adventure Bay. Be there when Chase arrives first on the scene in his police car. Or Marshall puts out fires with his fire truck and Skye conquers the skies with her helicopter. Clear obstacles out of the way with Rubble and his construction vehicle. Or keep the environment clean with Rocky in his recycling truck.

Immerse yourself in the world of PAW Patrol

The Carrera FIRST racetrack sets allow you to have an interactive and imaginative gaming experience with your favorite characters from the PAW Patrol. There are no limits to your imagination. Come up with cool missions and save the people in Adventure Bay together with the dogs! With the Carrera racetrack and the PAW Patrol you have everything you need to become a real hero. So grab your canine friends and experience unforgettable adventures!

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