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The Carrera WhatsApp Channel

May we introduce: The new Carrera WhatsApp channel!

From now on, we have a brand new channel for you. You always want to be up to date on what's going on with us, get vouchers for the online shop as a gift and also get a look behind the scenes? Then subscribe to our channel and become part of the best motorsport community around.

Click on the link & join

🏁 Click here to join 🏁 Carrera channel

Scan & join QR code

A look into the canal

Deine Vorteile

Activate Bell & Win

Nowhere else do you have the chance to really clean up. We will regularly give away vouchers or products for our shop. And it's very uncomplicated. There will be no fixed days or times for this, we drop the codes randomly - then you have to be quick! All you have to do to win? Activate the bell so you'll be the first to know when we start actions!

10% Welcome Voucher

All subscribers to the channel will receive a 10% voucher for our online store.

Be part of the community

Why did we start the channel in the first place? Because of you!

We want to offer you new content and formats, beyond everything you have known from us so far. Because your opinion is important to us, there will always be cool community formats where you can vote and have a say. Sounds good? We look forward to seeing you! 

Lots of new content formats

You can expect a lot of content about Carrera and motorsport in our channel. We present new slot cars with car edits or action pictures on the track, give you insights into our everyday life in the office, provide you with memes and give you a look behind the scenes with us. 



In November, there was the first Carrera Community Challenge, as a brand new community format. Under the hashtag #carreracommunitychallenge, everyone should upload their favorite slot car to social media. Among all participants, 12 users made it to the final round. What's so special? The entire community was able to choose the winners from the 12 finalists in the WhatsApp channel. The cars with the most reactions were crowned winners in the end. 1st place won a Retro Grand Prix set as the main prize, while 2nd and 3rd place went to a DIGITAL 132 slot car of their choice.


If you also want to take part and win next time, then subscribe to the Carrera WhatsApp channel, activate the bell and be there when the Carrera Community Challenge goes into the next round!

What can you expect?

What can you expect? Lots of cool content about Carrera and motorsport! A new highlight is that you are involved as part of the community and we also let you have a say in various formats. Plus, you can look forward to a whole new set of content that hasn't been seen before! The best for last: we will spontaneously give away vouchers from time to time and have other cool things ready for you. We look forward to welcoming you as part of the community!


What you don't expect is another 0815 brand channel, where dull newsletters are sent around via copy & paste or endless marketing texts are posted. 

Questions & Answers

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