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Online shop exclusive: Carrera DIGITAL 132 - Best of Racing

Welcome to the pinnacle of racing! 


Join the elite of slot car racing with the Best of Racing Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 sets, exclusively available in our online shop at an unbeatable price. These editions are your springboard to an exciting high-speed racing experience, perfect for newcomers as well as experienced Carrera racing enthusiasts. Included are 3 vehicles on a scale of 1:32 and a 6.2 meter long track that is rich in possibilities for thrilling races. Ideal for racing fans who want to immerse themselves in the world of digital racing or expand their collection at a top price.

Best of Racing Vol. 3
Classics meet high-speed!

With the Best of Racing Vol. 3 set, you enter a world where classic performance meets modern racing. This set brings together three legendary vehicles, each masterfully rendered on a scale of 1:32:

Lamborghini Huracán "Magnus Racing, No.11"
This supercar impresses with its aerodynamic design and its ability to master corners with exceptional precision. Equipped with front and rear lighting, it ensures lifelike racing pleasure on every ride.


Dodge Charger 500 "No.71"
A masterpiece of American muscle power, famous for its striking presence on the racetracks of the 60s and 70s. Its detailed replica brings a piece of racing history directly to your racetrack.


Ford GT Race Car "No.66"
Inspired by Ford's legendary victories, this model combines historic design with the latest technologies in motorsport and is also equipped with front and rear lighting for an authentic driving experience.

Best of Racing Vol. 4
The modern heroes of asphalt!

With Vol. 4 you reach the pinnacle of modern racing. Three latest-generation models, ready to take on any challenge on the track:

Lamborghini Huracán GT3 "Grasser Racing Team, No.82"
A highlight for fans of aerodynamics and speed, reproduced on a scale of 1:32, including impressive lighting that makes it an eye-catcher on any racetrack.


Ferrari 365 P2 "No.10"
This slot car represents the elegance and fighting spirit of Ferrari in the 1960s. Equipped with rear and brake lights, it brings historic races back to life.


McLaren 720S GT3 "Jenson Rocket Team JRN, No.2"
This car represents the advancements in motorsport design and technology. Equipped with front and rear lighting, it brings speed and style to your home.

The course: 6.2 meters of pure thrill!

When you think of the pinnacle of slot car racing, what do you expect? Speed that gets your adrenaline pumping, breathtaking overtaking manoeuvres and races that remain exciting until the last second? This is exactly the experience we offer you with our Best of Racing Sets Vol. 3 & Vol. 4!


These sets are your VIP ticket to the exciting world of Carrera DIGITAL 132 racing. Each set includes a 6.2-metre track that not only provides a stage for the included racing legends, but is also a playing field full of possibilities. With body dimensions of 2.65m x 1.40m and the capacity to send up to 6 race cars at the same time, these tracks are every racing fan's dream. Thanks to the lane changes at the touch of a button and thus the possibility of staging spectacular overtaking manoeuvres, every race feels like a new adventure. You can customize the speed and braking of your vehicles to challenge yourself and your opponents again and again.


Now there's only one thing missing: Invite your friends and family, rev up the engines and experience thrilling races together that will be remembered. With the Best of Racing Sets Vol. 3 & Vol. 4 Sets, your path to becoming a champion begins!